So the season is coming to an end and there is lots of positive feedback from the industry! More customers are retubing with 0,3 lamps than ever before and we put this down to our fantastic range of 0.3 tanning lamps! Our sales team can confidently sell 0.3 lamps, in the knowledge that our customer will achieve great results!

Some of this years biggest sellers have been the Cosmedico 10k100,  Reactive and Wave lamps and the Storm range by Original Hanau! We really do have lamps to suit every application and can help you decide what you need to do to improve your business and become a market leader!

What is clear about this industry is that some salons still don’t have the necessary knowledge that they need. The most important message is safety. It is important that as a salon operator you adhere to safety regulations:

Are all your customers registered on your system?

Do you monitor how often your customers are using the equipment?

Did you carry out a skin analysis of each customer to ensure you give them the correct session time?- Session times change depending on the lamps you are using and when you order your lamps, it is a good idea to ask for this information as it will help to eliminate problems of overexposure.

Ideally for a very reasonable fee, you can do an online training course with the Sunbed Association, see attached link to find out more details!

Finally if you are one of the many happy customers who has had a bumper year this season, don’t forget now is a great time to retube – give the sales team a call now on 01772 790093!