HN Sunlight Lamps

Hn Sunlight is a German manufacturer of UV low pressure and High pressure tanning lamps. The Magic Sun and New Colors lamp brands have proved to be very successful in the UK market, providing excellent tanning results and consistency throughout their lamp life. The Blue Q High pressure lamp range is the only 0.3 high pressure lamps available on the market and at prices you can afford! HN Sunlight, together with UVL have produced a new 0.3 lamp range called Storm! Complying with all 0.3 regulations, it proves a deep intensive tanning result that your customers will love. Contact your UVL Sales representative for more details!







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AHN5001 OHC 3URO 160 XSSR 0.3

Hn Sunlight produce some of the best quality lamps..

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AHN5014 CUBAN TAN 225-250 160W

Cuban Tan by HN Sunlight Original Hanau. German ma..

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AHN5015L CUBAN TAN 250 180W

 Cuban Tan by HN Sunlight Original Hanau. Ger..

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