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Cosmedico Medical have been making light therapy devices since 1975 for the medical, health care and beauty industries. Their constant commitment to innovation and quality has meant they are now represented in over 60 countries worldwide and employ over 500 people across their diverse range of companies.

The SkinPULSE range of IPL and SHR equipment is a leader in the field of Laser hair removal, IPL applications and aesthetic non- invasive cosmetic skin treatments. 


Cosmedico COLLAGEN Pro Beauty tubes emit red light of a special wavelength range. Studies have shown that the body‘s own collagen production can be stimulated with red light of this specific wavelength range. The so-called photo bio stimulation generated by the light in the deeper layers of the skin boosts the metabolism of the skin and leads to a reactivation of the collagen synthesis in the skin. The ageing skin is thus stimulated to produce skin-tensioning collagen and elastin again. The skin tenseness and elasticity of the connective tissue increase. No externally applied anti aging product may work this deeply.


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