Tron Lie down Tanning bed

Tanning bed with 45 tubes in low pressure, and an intense Facial tanner zone with 4 High Pressure 650 W lamps, unique and innovative solutions, that will allow you to tan the face, as well as a facial tanner, with the relax of a tanning bed.

TRON offers a great performance tanning, with technologies that will elevate your professionality.


45 Low Pressure lamps

4 x 650w High Pressure lamps

Vocal Synt- Voice Guide.

Changeable Led light system.

Breezer – Water spray vaporizer.

Sizes: 228cm x 135cm x 179cm

With a size of just 228x135x179 cm, and features such as like “VOCAL SYNT”, an advanced voice guide, that will follow the user throught the steps of the session,TRON sunbed will be easiear than ever to use, and compact enought to fit in any salon.

Best of all LightRoom will customize your Tanning bed, with any color you want. The advanced LED system, will enlight the ridges, full of your color.

Breezer, is our latest technology in water refreshment in a sunbed. Its advanced vaporizer, sprays microdrop of water, that evaporate when in contact with skin. This will let you have a real fresh, but not wet session.

TRON tanning bed, is your next generation tanning device.


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