T031 Pro Tan Incredible Package Deal

Purchase 24 bottles, receive 72 sachets FREE

2 x Blissfully Bronze – Natural Bronzer (250ml bottle)
2 x Desirably Dark – Dark Tan Accelerator (250ml bottle)
2 x Perfectly Tan – Double Dark Tanning Accelerator (250ml bottle)
2 x Radically Hemp – Dark Tanning Gelee Accelerator (250ml bottle)
2 x Smashingly Dark – Colour Crushing Bronzer Bronzer (250ml bottle)
2 x Incredibly Black – Double Dark Bronzer (250ml bottle)
2 x Ridiculously Bronze – Ultra Dark White Bronzer (250ml bottle)
2 x Unbelievably Black – Ultra Dark Bronzer (250ml bottle)
2 x Bodaciously Black – Instant Bronzing Beads (250ml bottle)
2 x Instantly Black – Ultra Black DHA Bronzer (250ml bottle)
2 x Fashionably Hot – Heated Natural Bronzer (250ml bottle)
2 x Hot Tottie – Hot Action Dark Tanning Lotion (250ml bottle)

Receive FREE:
6 x Blissfully Bronze (22ml sachet)
6 x Desirably Dark (22ml sachet)
6 x Perfectly Tan (22ml sachet)
6 x Radically Hemp (22ml sachet)
6 x Smashingly Dark (22ml sachet)
6 x Incredibly Black (22ml sachet)
6 x Ridiculously Bronze (22ml sachet)
6 x Unbelievably Black (22ml sachet)
6 x Bodaciously Black (22ml sachet)
6 x Instantly Black (22ml sachet)
6 x Fashionably Hot (22ml sachet)
6 x Hot Tottie (22ml sachet)

For trade prices, please contact the sales team on – 0800 633 5979


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