A1092 Cosmofit Rubino R31 160w 1.74m

The Cosmofit Rubino range is one of our most popular lamps at present. The Rubino is an excellent tanning lamp and also features skin rejuvenation properties, for smoother skin. However the magic inside this lamp is it’s infra red properties. The infra red helps to open up the skin pores and oxygenates the skin, meaning you tan quicker and more effectively. Use the Rubino in conjunction with your usual Cosmedico Blue lamp to create the hybrid idea. The result looks amazing and your clients will love their tan.

Product Description: Cosmofit Rubino R31 160w 1.74m

Our Code: A1092

Wattage: 160w

Lifespan: 650-800 hrs

Equivalency Code: 160-R-31/3.1

For trade prices, please contact the sales team on – 0800 633 5979


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