A1074LU Cosmolux 10k100 X43 180w 2m

Just when you thought the 0.3 version of the Market Leading Cosmedico 10k100, couldn’t get any better, Cosmedico and UVL came up with an improved version, for those customers who like a slightly higher UVB content for a quicker result.  It still complies within 0.3 standards and it still has all the original features, offering consistency, reliability, a guaranteed deep and Golden Tan. Excellent 1000 hrs life span. This lamp is exclusive to UVL  so give us a call if you want to increase your profitability!

Produce Description – Cosmolux 10k100 R 43 180w 2m

Our Code: A1074U

Lifespan: 1000 hrs

Equivalency Code: 180-R-43/2.5

For trade prices, please contact the sales team on – 0800 633 5979










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