A1054L Cosmofit Vhr Reactive 250 225w 2m

Cosmofit Reactive has been produced by Cosmedico exclusively for UVL. The Lamps were produced to feature a high UVA content, in order to produce a deep and golden tan but still complying to 0,3 compliance . Featuring an 1000 hour lifespan, this long mount lamp is suitable for use in vertical tanning units that feature magnetic control gear. The long mount, enables more air to be circulated around the electrode,  offering a cooling zone, in order that the lamps remain stable and produce the best UVA output. The Reactive offers you continuity throughout it’s lamp life and excellent tanning results.

Lamp Description: Cosmofit Vhr Reactive 250 225w 2m

Lifespan: 1000 hrs

Equivalency Code: 33/1.4

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