March is already upon us and salons are frantically buying lamps before the season starts. A good percentage of tanning shops are 0.3 compliant and are benefiting from Cosmedicos superior range of 0.3 tanning lamps. So for the few tanning salons unwilling to take the plunge, please read on!

If we look back five years ago, everyone was anti the new regulations of 0.3 compliance. The common misconception was that you would have to lie or stand for 20 minutes in order to achieve a tan and even then it would be a lot slower than non compliant lamps. The reality is that if you purchase a good quality 0.3 tanning lamp, the customer will achieve a deeper longer lasting tan. With Cosmedico lamps, you only need 12 minutes to activate the erythema and this can be spread over two sessions. Therefore there is no need to instruct your customers to change their session times at all. In fact the best way to integrate 0.3 into your salon is to say absolutely nothing and change absolutely nothing. The customers will start preferring the 0.3 compliant beds naturally.

Obviously the reason why the Cosmedico 0.3 lamps are so successful is down to the superior phosphors they use. This ensures that the overall output of the lamp out performs any other make of lamp in todays market place.

So which one do you buy? At UVL we have a wide range of  very popular 0.3 lamps, including Rainbow and Wild Waves, these lamps have a huge following, however if you ask us what is the best tanning lamp, it’s the 10k100. The lamp has no gimmicks, it’s not a special colour and it’s a standard shape! The 10k100 has a Deluxe phosphor which is far superior to any other lamp on the market. The UVA is so high in this lamp that we can guarantee your customers will get the ‘Best Tan They Have Ever Had’. Ultimately this is what your customers want, so why not give them a try. Call your UVL Sales girl for a quotation. You’ll never look back!

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