Depending on how old you are, you may not be aware that the first UV tanning lamps were made by Joerg & Friedrich Wolff who co owned Kosmedico ( Now Cosmedico ) & Wolff Systems back in the 70’s. With their years of experience, there is no doubt that Cosmedico are Technological Market Leaders in UV Tanning lamps, producing the finest quality German lamps in the world.

Once you have tried a Cosmedico tanning lamp, we find that customers will stay with the same brand, year after year. This is because the lamps are consistently superb, reliable, producing the best tanning results.

As we know, all the advertising in the world, helps to get customers through the door but keeping them is another story. In our experience, salons that feature Cosmedico lamps, will keep your customers coming back to your salon.

See the videos below to the JW Holding history narrated by Mr Joerg Wolff himself and the second link is an insight into the lamp production at the Narva factory: