We have a fantastic promotion on Cosmedico Rubino lamps at the minute. If you haven’t given them a try yet, please let me remind you how they can help promote your sunbeds and increase your turnover:

The Rubino lamps are the only UV tanning, Skin rejuvenation lamps that feature the INFRA RED spectrum. The infra red helps to oxygenate your skin, increasing pigmentation and therefore accelerating your customers’ tan. It’s also an excellent tanning lamp and works brilliantly with either the Cosmedico Cosmfit 0,3 range or the Cosmofit 10k100 range of lamps. You only need to put a Rubino lamp, one every fourth lamp, to benefit from it’s excellent properties. It looks fantastic too!

If you are interested in giving your tanning salon a boost, please contact the sales team for a special package deal on lamps, free marketing goods and posters!

Telephone us now on 0800 633 5979.