It’s no understatement to say that this year has been really tough for everyone in the tanning industry, which is purely down to extreme weather conditions our country has experienced this year. Colder weather is on the way but guess what – it’s not all doom and gloom! You can really help the turnover in your shop with just a small change. Cosmedico Rubino is going down a storm at the minute due to it’s unique properties. the lamp features Uv and red light but also it has added infra red properties which help to open up the pores, oxygenate the skin and therefore encourages more rapid pigmentation. Just add Cosmedico Rubino to every third or fourth lamp in your tanning equipment. the infra red property offers the heat factor that you lose in some equipment and the overall look of your sunbed will be amazing. It’s available in all sizes and will suit lie down or vertical tanning equipment.

There’s free marketing with every order, including desktop displays, posters and also a life size cardboard cut out of the Rubino lady.

So if you want to give your sunbeds a boost, give our sales team a call for a quotation – you’ll be really glad you did!


Cosmedico_Rubino_DINA1-300dpi-CMYK-print.jpg 240718Rubino-wave lampsCosmedico_Rubino_DINA1-300dpi-CMYK-print.jpg 240718