Wow have we got a promotion for you! If you haven’t tried the Cosmedico Wildwave and Rubino lamps, you really are missing out! The Cosmedico Wildwave has excellent UVA properties for a glorious dark tan. The Cosmedico Rubino is completely unique, it features Uva and infra red properties. The Infra Red helps to open the pores and oxygenate the skin, which in turn helps the skin to tan more quickly! The Infra Red also means more heat from the Rubino lamp, without increasing the UVB burning rays, therefore you get the skin reddening but without the burning, how great is that! At UVL we have found using a Rubino every fourth lamp in the tanning equipment works well and looks fabulous. So you have a gimmick as well as a unique tanning combination.

For the month of April, salons can benefit from a special introductory offer, saving you lots of money and free marketing material. So call the UVL sales team now, to discuss how you can take advantage of this excellent offer!

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